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Where to buy a Laser Printer and its Consumables - High Street v Internet

Traditionally, consumers would buy laser printers and their consumables from their local high street computer store, but the internet revolution changed buying and selling practices for ever. Both have pros and cons for the prospective buyer which include:

High Street

Tick  Direct personal contact with and advice from sales assistant.
Tick  Ability to see products in real life and compare them directly with the possibility of having them demonstrated. 
Tick  Convenience factor if product is required quickly.

Cross  Usually more expensive. Customers invariably pay more because shops have extra overheads and expenses compared to most internet run businesses.
Cross  Limited range of choice. The customer often end up buying the 'best available' rather than the 'best printer' for them and their budgets. Most stores only carry stock for the most common, mainstream products. Customers requiring expensive or specialised models are frequently not catered for.
Cross  Despite the best of intentions from well meaning store staff, many customers feel pressurised into making a decision in the store. Remember that many Sales Assistants are on commission. 


Tick  Ability to research and source from the comfort of your own home.
Tick  Significantly cheaper prices.
Tick  Whether you wish to buy a printer, consumables or other supplies e.g. envelopes, paper, label, templates, the internet will provide greater choice and the ability to buy the exact product you require. 
Tick  Deliveries are usually received at your front door within a few days to a week.
Tick  The established companies have excellent standards of service and all purchases are safeguarded by strict legislation covering payment, guarantees and returns. Customers are advised always to pay using a credit card.
Tick  Amazing bargains can be had from buying from auction sites. 

Cross  Although most internet companies have good or better customer services and advice lines, some customers prefer the ability to talk face to face with a Shop Assistant and see possible products at first hand.
Cross  Despite most internet companies having a simple collection and 'pain free' return policy on damaged or defective goods, some customers still prefer the option of taking the product back to the store that they bought the item from.

Increasing numbers of savvy customers are making use of both options by initially researching and deciding on the best product online, using their High Street stores to view and check out the product(s) at first hand with possible demonstrations, then returning to the internet in order to purchase the product(s) at a significantly cheaper price.  


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