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Why does a Laser Printer cost more to buy than an Inkjet Printer?

As a general guide, a low end laser printer costs equivalent to a top end inkjet printer. The higher cost of purchase is due to a number of factors:



Kyocera FS-C8500DN laser printer                        Kyocera FS-9530DN laser printer      


Laser printer technology is more sophisticated than an inkjet printer. Laser printers are capable of creating a precise image with minimal wastage of ink. Also, due to the process involved, the machines are built to be very durable and some components can withstand temperatures in excess of 200C. In addition, laser printers are typically modular in design which gives great flexibility and caters for all types of businesses and budgets. Additional functionality such as the ability to stack, collate, punch holes and staple documents is critical for many offices.

Example: Kyocera FS-9530DN laser printer
that comes in various permutations including:


Base Version Standalone or:

  • Base version with cabinet
  • Base version with cabinet plus key finishing solutions
  • Base version with cabinet plus department finishing solution
Your workgroup does a lot of printing but space is at a premium. Then add an
optional cabinet with rollers (CB-700/CB-710) to keep additional paper supplies
close at hand while protecting them from dust. And with the extra cabinet
your printer is at a comfortable working level that is easy on your back.


The market for laser printers has traditionally been business sector orientated. This group view laser printers as an important investment and have been willing to pay a premium for the technology and advantages gained.


Better productivity and less downtime/maintenance due to high duty cycles, infrequent changes of consumables/media and low operating costs. A greater variety of jobs can be undertaken and at higher speed.

Economy of Scale

The principle of supply and demand applies in a similar way as to why A3 laser printers cost disproportionally more than A4 laser printers: see A3 Laser Printers compared to A4 Laser Printers.


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